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At Three Rivers Hospital, we offer a full selection of services for the community.

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Working at Three Rivers Hospital is more than a job, it’s being part of a team.

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Claro que hablamos español para nuestros miembros de la comunidad de habla española.

Public & Not for Profit
Three Rivers Hospital is a public, not-for-profit, critical access health care center serving a district bridging Okanogan and Douglas Counties, from Mazama to Monse to Mansfield. We are located in Brewster,Washington at the confluence of the Columbia, Okanogan, and Methow rivers.

Over 65 Years of Tradition
Continuing a 68-year tradition, our vision is to be a trusted community partner, providing excellence in healthcare. Our dedicated, professional healthcare team strive to create the ideal patient experience by providing compassionate, safe and respectful patient care.

Our History
Health care has changed over the years and we have a long and enduring history caring for our communities. Visit our History page to learn more about how we have been serving our hospital district since 1949 and how we support, promote and improve quality of life and overall health.

Our Mission
To lead the innovation of safe and respectful patient care with a compassionate culture supported by our dedicated, professional health care team.


If you need some help paying your hospital bill there are options available. Please speak with our Financial Counselor to see if you qualify for assistance.

Financial Counselor
509.689.2517  Ext. 3365


Si usted necesita ayuda para pagar su cuenta del hospital. Favor de hablar con nuestra Asesora Financiera para ver si es elegible para ayuda.

Asesora Financiera
509.689.2517  Ext. 3365

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Are you suffering from arthritis pain, have an old injury that keeps flaring up, or any other aches and pains in your joints that are bothering you? Dr. Jonothan Miller and the team at Three Rivers Orthopedics in Brewster are here to help you get back to living a full and productive life. Please call 509-689-3749 or visit threerivershospital.net/services/orthopedics/ to learn more. ...

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Beautiful nearly spring day. ...

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Do you or a loved one have cancer? Some times we need a little help telling the people around us, especially our kids. In support of colorectal cancer month, Kim shares her struggle. Follow the link to learn more about getting help. ...

KIM It's OK to ask for help. Get help talking to your kids about cancer in our March 28 webinar! ow.ly/6pmt30iTMim

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