Birthing TubLabor and Delivery

The labor, delivery and recovery of both mother and infant all take place in remodeled birthing suites, unless a Cesarean section is necessary, which is performed in our surgery suite with recovery room. All attempts are made to maintain the family unit during this experience. This family-centered approach has been shown to enhance patient and family satisfaction.

Three Rivers is one of only three hospitals in Washington to hold the Baby Friendly USA certification. This certification – which was first achieved in 2004 and was renewed for five more years in December 2014 – means that our staff does everything they can to support breastfeeding and promote a healthy start for newborns.

We use the latest technology to detect life-threatening illnesses, and offer 24-7 follow up services for infants and families who encounter challenges after discharge from the hospital.

Through partnering in state-run programs, we’ve also raised our standards in Cesarean section rates. In 2014, only 15 percent of the women who went into labor needed to deliver via Cesarean section.


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