Radiology Services

  • High Definition 32 Slice CT
  • MRI
  • Digital Flouroscopy (X-ray)
  • Mamography
  • Ultrasound (Vascular, Arterial, Cardiac, as well as Labor and Delivery)

mriOur radiology department offers a wide variety of diagnostic imaging.  All studies are read the same day with a final report within an hour. With efficient electronic access to patient information, delivering and receiving studies means your provider has your results as quickly as possible.

Diagnostic imaging has come a long way and is sure to keep climbing as technology improves. We will continue to innovate while maintaining our patient-centered focus.

In 2007, we began updating our x-ray room with digital fluoroscopy. In 2014, we added new mammography and ultrasound machines, which provide more comfortable exams for the patient and clearer images in test results. In 2015 we upgraded to a 32-slice CT, which acquires more images in less time, and at considerably lower radiation dosage to the patient. This leads to better image quality and better diagnoses while improving patient comfort and safety.

At Three Rivers Hospital, we offer a wide variety of diagnostic imaging modalities. Our ultrasound services include vascular, arterial, cardiac, as well as labor and delivery. We also have the ability to send and receive studies for patients whose provider practices at another facility. This allows you to have the study done close to home, and your provider to have the results when you arrive at your next appointment. This means less travel for the patient and less stress about potential outcomes, and providers love the efficient electronic access to patient information.


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